A fusion of excellence, quality and innovation...

Tony Page Ltd is the UK's finest Kosher caterer creating bespoke events throughout the UK and Europe. With an unparalleled position in the events industry, the company is firmly established as the specialist in its field.

Tony's philosophy regarding Kosher food is simple. Kashrut does not mean compromise. With this in mind, he accepts nothing less than excellence whether he is catering for an intimate dinner au deux or a banquet for up to 1,600 guests.

Having founded the business in 1991, even today Tony personally oversees every event, instilling in his staff the same passion and love of fine food and wine as he himself shares.

He has a deep rooted understanding of the complexities and requirements of each client's event and has a dedicated team of professional planners who are not only familiar with the expectations of a Jewish function but also under his close scrutiny and guidance at all times.

Tony's commitment to each event is resolute and he will never cater dual Kosher functions for two clients simultaneously at the same venue. His devotion to the business and relentlessly high standards have rewarded him with over 20 years of loyalty from numerous patrons as well as an extensive array of customer testimonials.

Style, flair, creativity, an unfaltering attention to detail, supreme quality of service and a highly experienced team are all contributory factors that have earned him the recognition and reputation as Europe's premier Kosher caterer.

Tony Page