Food & Wine

Only the finest quality Kosher products and freshest ingredients are sourced and a great deal of time and effort are committed to creating mouthwatering dishes that are beautifully presented.

Having trained at the Plaza Athenee in Paris, the basis of Tony Page's cuisine is traditionally French, however he works directly with Executive Chef Michael Wilding to push the boundaries and create innovative and seasonal menus inspired from different cultures and countries all over the world.

The style of cooking has evolved dramatically since the early days and Michael and Tony spend a great deal of time, together or with clients, exploring new restaurants to see what's 'in vogue'. Experiencing new dishes and flavours that they can re-create is vital to the business yet, needless to say, recipes always need to be adapted to comply with the Kashrut laws. Presentation of food is as important as taste so this is continuously at the forefront of their minds while creating delicious new and exciting menus.

When it comes to selecting wines for a meal, Tony is a connoisseur. Regularly meeting with his suppliers, he is always on trend with the perfect Kosher wines. With an exceptional knowledge of both wines and champagnes, Tony and his team ensure that these are carefully paired to compliment the chosen menu and are considered an essential component of the client tasting and the whole dining experience. Whether a sumptuous Merlot from France, or a Crisp Chardonnay from Israel, Tony embraces the synergy of food and wine as a vitally important aspect of any event.