Our Events

From birth through every epoch of one's life, there are opportunities to celebrate. Tony Page creates unique events ranging from a Brit Milah, Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs, Engagements, Weddings, Anniversary parties to Corporate and Celebrity Events and Charity Dinners.

Corporate and Charity Events are extremely important to Tony Page, and through years of experience and the commitment to excellence, the team now have these functions so finely tuned that the hosts only need to worry about one thng - the key issue of raising funds on the night!

Enjoying a close affiliation with a number of prestigious venues, as well as total exclusivity at others. Tony Page is very proud to enjoy an exclusive arrangement catering within the Dorchester Group amongst an array of amazing Venues in the UK and Europe.

At Tony Page, size doesn't matter - a small dinner party for 6 or regularly catering for 1500 Guests is handled with the same attention, quality to service, importance and commitment by the devoted team.

Tony Page