Tony Page Founder

Tony Page has learnt a great deal since he founded the company in 1991. He is unequivocal in his expectations of high quality, excellent service and beautiful presentation which he cannot impress highly enough upon his staff.

He is fanatical about detail which he believes is a fundamental element of the success of any event. He wants every function to be fantastic and is as passionate about a dinner for 500 guests as he is about a dinner party for 8!

"I am proud to have a very talented and enthusiastic team who understand my high expectations and continuously deliver flawless and show stopping events. I insist on perfection and excellence in every area of the business, from the freshest produce to outstanding service and stunning presentation."

Having studied in Paris, his enthusiasm to learn and always strive for excellence has been the secret to his success. Tony understands quality service and quality cuisine. He knows that clients demand the best and he and his team always aim to deliver the same standards that he himself would want.

To this day Tony is personally involved in every function and likes to have ultimate final control. He is totally clear that there is no merit in being complacent and with a highly experienced and loyal management, operations and events team in place nothing is ever left to chance. Risk assessment is a high priority at any function. Tony leaves nothing to chance and believes it is imperative to regularly update equipment and constantly re invest back into the business.

Tony has an insatiable appetite for his product and that in turn motivates the entire team. He is always looking for inspiration and fresh ideas to take the business to the next level.

With his flair, style, creativity, drive and determination and his ardour for delicious food and fine wines, it is hardly surprising Tony Page has transformed the company into the successful cutting edge Kosher caterer that it is today.


Chia Appleby Senior Event Planner

Chia joined Tony Page in May 2006 as an assistant and through quiet determination has now proved herself as a highly motivated member of the team.

Vivacious and bubbly, she views her relationship with her clients as incredibly personal and crucial to the success of the event. It is about connecting rather than simply doing a job.

Chia loves watching ideas and designs come to life and the transformation from a vision to reality. She has a very 'hands on' approach and is very much a 'detail' person. Although team support is vital, Chia embraces the fact that everyone has their own individual clients and independence.

Chia loves a challenge; a Candy themed Bat mitzvah at Claridges recently pushed new boundaries! "We had giant table centre pieces of Starbucks and Hershey Bars, Chocolate Kisses and giant candy cupcakes. We also had a bespoke American style candy store with an illuminated bar offering sweets in personalised jars!"

She is incredibly motivated by the bigger vision of the company and is constantly learning and developing while also being inspired creatively. While Chia is very excited to be working at Tony Page and is very passionate about her job, she knows that striking a balance between work and her private life is essential.

Chia loves...

The challenge of the bigger events and always pushing the boundaries

Chicken schwarma

Sarah Taylor Events Team Manager

Sarah has been with Tony Page since November 1999, she shares the day to day management of clients, staff and all related HR and administrative issues.

Having studied Hospitality Management at University, she already had an interest in events and catering. Together with her organisational skills and enthusiastic approach, she has thrived in the pressurised yet fun environment, with a deep understanding that gaining clients' trust is of the upmost importance.

She sees her job as vocational and loves everything about it; developing relationships, talking to clients, her team and the food!

Her greatest satisfaction is seeing the client's pleasure at the event she has created but more importantly the complete journey from the initial meeting to the final goodbye at the end of their party.

"We created the most breathtaking wedding at Grosvenor House for 600 Guests, featuring an enchanted walled garden (complete with iron gates!), pillars of gorgeous flowers lining the walls and a stone walkway!"

Sarah's most challenging function was a 40th anniversary party in the client's home. When else, asks Sarah, do you have to arrange for a helicopter to land in their back garden?

Sarah loves...

Miso black cod and hot chocolate fondant


Maddy Burns Event Planner

Maddy joined Tony Page in June 2013 following an events internship at Claridge's. Graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Hospitality Management and Marketing Management, Maddy has always had a desire to work in the Events industry.

Maddy enjoys all aspects of an event, from the initial planning stages to working closely with the clients and to getting to see the final product itself come together. Energetic & creative, she enjoys the challenge of putting together an event in a short time frame, working efficiently to achieve clients' requests.

Maddy is witty & positive and loves being responsible for the creation of someone's special day, along with the delight in watching their reactions when their ideas come to fruition.

"I always love to hear an engagement story! It's a great way to learn about the Bride & Groom's personalities."

Maddy's most satisfying Event was a three day Wedding at the Dorchester, where four hundred Guests were 'wowed' by choirs, orchestras, beautiful crystals hanging from trees and laser shows.

Maddy loves...

Sushi & Dark Chocolate Mousse

Nikki Amram Event Planner

Nikki joined Tony Page in June 2011 following a degree in Management & Spanish at The University of Manchester. Having had experience in hospitality and catering Nikki was strongly attracted to the events industry and to work within an organisation with such expertise in the business.

Enthusiastic and conscientious, Nikki loves working as part of a successful and passionate team who believe 'only the best will do'. She regards organisation, interpersonal skills and understanding the clients' needs to be essential aspects in producing the best event and making it a success.

"I feel fortunate to have had such wonderful opportunities with Tony Page. Travelling to beautiful locations like Paris obviously has its challenges, but language and logistical obstacles never prevent us from putting on a show stopping event!"

Nikki loves creating and being part of people's celebrations and helping make their special day what they dreamt of and more. Her most challenging but yet satisfying event to date was an Emerald Wedding Anniversary party in Paris, overlooking the Eiffel Tower!

Nikki loves...

The Tony Page Sashimi and Chocolate Covered Honeycomb!

Charlotte Spencer Event Planner

Charlotte joined Tony Page following a demanding role running corporate events for a large group of nightclubs.

As an Event Planner she co-ordinates her events from start to finish and loves watching the evolution of the party when all areas she has been working on for months finally come together.

Bubbly, funny, dedicated and ambitious, Charlotte is motivated by the enthusiastic team she works with and is proud to be involved in such an established and high profile company.

"The opportunity for me to travel abroad has always been a motivational factor for me. Destination weddings are becoming more popular – it doesn't get much better than marrying on the romantic island of Capri or in the Palace of Versailles in Paris!"

Charlotte's favourite events to date were a romantic Wedding in Capri, a Charlie & the Chocolate Factory themed party, and an elaborate Golden wedding anniversary party at the Dorchester for a long established client who was celebrating yet another function with Tony Page.

Charlotte loves...

Chocolate brioche bread and butter pudding


Melvyn Bentley Director

Melvyn has been close friends with Tony for nearly 40 years and has watched his business evolve during this time.

He enjoys how the style of functions the team creates has changed dramatically, and that the client’s desire for the unique experience has promoted availability of very exciting venues, with international clientele opening a gateway into Europe.

"I think one of the reasons for the success of Tony Page is that they are leaders in the industry. I am constantly amazed how Tony’s passion and drive has never faltered since day one. Wherever his travels take him, he is continually looking for inspiration and refreshing concepts. His enthusiasm to move his business forward and take it to the next level is infectious."

Melvyn loves...

Friday night Shabbat dinner!


Nick Garanito Warehouse Supervisor

Nick has been with Tony Page since the company was first founded. Before that time he worked with Tony at Schaverien for 4 ½ years and is one of the longest serving members of the team.

Although he is very much behind the scenes, his job is equally as important as the event planners. He manages all aspects of the warehouse including the cleaning staff and equipment and is also responsible for the smooth running of all operations and keeping everyone happy.

The warehouse is the nerve centre of the business and has to run like clockwork so Nick can leave nothing to chance. “Nothing goes through the warehouse without me knowing. With so much traffic in and out each day I have to run a tight ship and leave nothing to chance. Being organised is the key to staying calm and under control.”

An organised approach is essential to the day to day management of his department. When he’s not locked away in his office he also drives the trucks to and from events.

Dealing with all types people and often under pressure, kind hearted and funny Nick has learnt to adapt his personality to suit the situation. Some people may call it clever others may say it’s being diplomatic!

Nick loves...

The ‘wow’ factor when he sees the room set up for an event

Miso black cod, rack of lamb


Raj Vala Company Accountant

Raj joined Tony Page in September 2001 having worked as an accountant for several large corporations in India. He heard the company had an excellent reputation, accepted the job and has never looked back. He has always been treated like a family member by Tony and enjoys being part of a big team.

Together with his assistant, they handle all financial matters including purchase ledger and payroll.

From the very beginning Tony put his total trust in Raj and left him solely responsible for the company accounts. Raj has a great sense of humour and is always happy to help. Having a calm, approachable nature has put him in good stead for the many challenges that present themselves on a daily basis. Fortunately Raj works well under pressure and has only taken 3 holidays in 14 years!

"Every day brings new challenges and new problems to solve. I'm lucky I have a calm disposition because sometimes it can get quite hectic!"

Its not all work though! Raj still has managed to play Indian and Western drums in various bands in the UK and Europe when time permits!

Raj loves...

Hot chocolate fondant and homemade cookies


Michael Wilding Executive Chef

Charming and composed, Executive Chef Michael joined Tony Page in May 1999 following an impressive training at some of the best restaurants all over the world.

On arrival Michael knew nothing about Kashrut laws or its restrictions and had to quickly learn the limitations it imposed while still creating exciting and delicious food. Menus at that time were relatively basic but over the years the transformation to far more exotic, interesting, innovative and complicated dishes has been remarkable.

"Today everything is about innovative presentation, exciting flavours and originality. Our clientele are becoming more cosmopolitan and so are their tastes and expectations. When I'm not kitchen bound, I spend a great deal of time with Tony composing new dishes inspired by travels abroad and current trends."

Behind the scenes, Michael also has many more mundane and equally pressurised responsibilities for transportation and kitchen staff as well as managing up to 80 chefs at any one time.

His favourite function was cooking at No 11 Downing Street for the Prime Minister and Lord Levy although he does love the challenge of catering for huge numbers too. On one occasion he prepared a three course dinner for 2000 people at 7 events on the same night and everyone was happy! An incredible achievement!

Michael has worked in some of the most bizarre places but with careful planning and stringent risk assessment he claims he can work his magic anywhere!

Michael loves...

Steak, home cooked fries and béarnaise sauce

Jewish Holidays!! (a day off!)

Duarte Silva Sous Chef

Duarte started as a kitchen porter in 1995 and is the longest serving chef. His philosophy is simple; even if you're under pressure and panicking... don't show it!

Working closely with Executive Chef Michael, he is constantly creating new ideas and dishes to keep the menus fresh and exciting. Inspired by Asian cuisine, Duarte's passion is Oriental dishes which he tries to incorporate into menus as much as possible.

Variety in his work and continually increasing his skills and knowledge keeps Duarte motivated. He ardently loves what he does as he claims he couldn't do it day and night otherwise. Being organised and calm is the key to running a successful busy kitchen as he often has to oversee up to 15 chefs at any one time.

"My favourite event was a three day Wedding in Capri. Logistics abroad can always be tricky, but we ran to military precision and were prepared for all eventualities!"

Duarte is incredibly inspired by Tony and has great admiration for his drive and what he has achieved since the company started.

Duarte loves...

Travelling, experiencing new cultures and his days off!

A party for 50 guests in Budapest

Hot chocolate fondant


Michelle Izen PA to Tony Page

Michelle has worked for Tony since 2008 and, having formerly had a career in International PR and with a major Television company, she is well equipped to handle the daily challenges as Tony's PA.

With a bubbly personality, being one step ahead of the game is her secret to successfully running Tony's busy schedule. “Knowing what Tony needs to have with him, where he needs to be, and who he needs to be with each day has certainly proved challenging, but our strong relationship allows excellent communication and my organisational skills help me immensely!”

While her job is nothing short of pressurised, it is a fun and diverse environment and is totally different to anywhere else she has ever worked. For Michelle, no two days are the same, and she has the upmost respect for Tony and what he has achieved and is always amazed how his ideas on paper evolve into spectacular events!


Winnie Lim Banqueting and Staff Manager

Winnie has been with Tony Page since July 2005 following 2 years at the Bluebird Club running private parties for up 90 people.

Working closely with Operations, she is now responsible for organising all waiting, bar and 'front of house' staff while also managing the team at the function. With up to 90 people to oversee at the largest function, naturally her organisational skills are excellent!

"I sometimes wish I had eyes in the back of my head! You always need to be alert and on the ball at all times. Good service is so important to us, you always remember if you have received a bad experience. I am still astounded by the beautiful and prestigious events that we arrange."

Teamwork is essential in her job and working with supportive and reliable colleagues is crucial. Winnie is motivated by compliments from clients who really appreciate what she does and always remembers her even though she has less contact with them than the event planners.

Winnie feels so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work at Tony Page as she has learnt so many things. The most interesting fact being that, within the Jewish community, family is so important.

Winnie loves...

Seeing the transformation from an empty room into an elaborate fine dining room and watching clients and their guests enjoy the evening.

Sashimi and hot chocolate fondant

John Yates Head of Operations

John has worked with Tony Page since April 2005 and handles the logistics of all events. He co-ordinates closely with Winnie and Mr. Silva to mastermind the mechanics of a function and iron out any potential problems before they arise.

He is involved in Events from the initial site visit, to client meetings while also determining timings, menu restrictions due to locations, health and safety and risk assessment where necessary.

To say John's job can be challenging and incredibly taxing is an understatement but at the same time it's very rewarding and never mundane.

"I am always there for the initial site visit through to the end of the Event. I sometimes don't know how we do it! As we continue to move forward and push boundaries, I am always astounded at what we have achieved. The type of events our clients now demand mean that we need to continue to be at the top of our game – the party world has evolved into a place where anything is possible."

Working to the highest standards and achieving the best quality possible inspires and motivates John as well as knowing the client is happy and the function ran smoothly.

John puts the success of the business down to the fact that Tony is accessible 24 / 7 and an instant response to an issue is always available.

John loves...

A 40th wedding anniversary party for its opulence and a beautiful wedding in the South of France which was mentally and physically hard but a huge success. Equipment had to be airlifted in by helicopter!

Roast beef with all the trimmings and Miso black cod

Vesela Angelova Operations Assistant

Vesela joined Tony Page in 2009 as a Waitress before being promoted in to the Operations team in 2015. Always positive and happy to help, variety keeps Vesela motivated and focused.

"I could be booking 50 staff for an event one minute and laying the table with beautiful crystal tableware for a tasting the next! Every function has so many elements that makes it special, you only have one chance to get it right!"

With Vesela attending most Events, she knows that no two days are ever the same!


David Gould Director

David is a Director at Tony Page Ltd and after a chance meeting with Tony in 1996, is now responsible for many aspects of the business.

Primarily he has the demanding task of liaising with the Beth Din to ensure all their requirements are met and that the annual license is renewed. These diplomatic skills have also been useful in mediating between the Shomer and staff behind the scenes to ensure all events run smoothly and everyone is happy! Having a sense of humour is clearly a necessity in his job, and this is evident around the office, he does like a practical joke! David often has the challenging role of sourcing unusual and specialist Kosher ingredients that the Chef requests – this in itself is challenging as the dishes and menus created are becoming for exotic!

"When I'm not tongue tied trying to pronounce the name of strange sounding spices and products our suppliers, I play Office Manager, ordering and updating our equipment which could include anything from fine tableware to the latest high tech sugar thermometer!"

A background in travel helps immensely with David overseeing abroad travel arrangements. David loves a logistical challenge and thrives when events take place simultaneously.

David loves...

The most lavish to the most orthodox weddings

The chef's notorious Roast Beef, any shape potatoes and a 16 year old Lagavulin.